We’re Setting Beautiful Free

We started this company with two big ideas: introduce the amazing high quality coffee India has to offer to the US and support organizations that support victims of sex trafficking.

There is a lot of injustice happening in the world. Thankfully there are good, brave people who are working hard to create intelligent and unique solutions to fight these injustices. At Anchor Grounds we are proud to use our proceeds to help their cause. Each organization that Anchor Grounds supports has been vetted and found to be spending its time and resources on the ground, with the people who need help. These groups go beyond raising awareness and are actually creating momentum against the injustice they face.

We proudly support an organization called Set Beautiful Free in Mumbai, India. This nonprofit rescues and supports survivors of sex trafficking; taking children who were trapped in cages, giving them a safe home to stay in, and providing them with free education. We’ve been there to see it ourselves – children who were once forgotten and abused are now becoming engineers, lawyers, photographers, musicians, and more. We’re excited to say we exist to donate our profits to this organization, and we’re glad you get to be part of that too.