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Anchor Grounds is going to India!!

Wide-eyed with anticipation, we are about to embark on an adventure to Mumbai, India; the city of dreams! To see the great Cchatrapati Shivaji Terminus, visit Elephanta Island and finally ride in a rickshaw- the namesake of our most popular roast. But more than all the thrill of the city, our hearts are most excited about the incredible opportunity to serve alongside the organization you all help us support when you buy our coffee: Set Beautiful Free!

As you have heard us share before, Set Beautiful Free (SBF) is an organization that is fighting sex-trafficking in the red light district of Mumbai. Through healthcare, education, and survivor care, SBF is empowering women and children to be freed from the trauma and suffering they have experienced. Their dreams of freedom realized.

What a gift- to get to meet these women and children, to laugh with them and hear their stories. We look forward to sharing these glimpses of India when we return. For now, pour yourself a cup of your favorite Anchor Grounds coffee and dream with us!

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